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This site is for those who are curious
about the roots of written language
as well as for those who are data seekers.

Inclusive Language Guide

munus hieroglyphs origin of alphabet

Why Did Humans Start Writing?

What were the first things that humans wrote?

By studying written forms across many languages, could we learn more about who we are as humans?

Could we learn more about the balance of power between females and males?

Could we even learn an unknown language faster?

Origin of Alphabet

The alphabet is a hierarchy of human survival strategies. The links below provide data supporting this hypothesis, as well as presenting new ways of framing existing myths and stories. Female mammals are a fundamental component of writing in all literate cultures. Recognizing this allows one to discern pattern faster, facilitating the learning of language.

Some Good Places to Start Reading

Breasts, Vaginas, and Tools: Musings on the roots of our alphabet

By Jennifer Ball

If you want to describe something to someone, but neither of you speak the same language, drawing a picture is the simplest way to get…

Letter A: From Hawk to Ox

By Jennifer Ball

The oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs to have been discovered were inscribed around 3200 BC, fully formed, with no clear antecedent. This is more than 5,000 years…

“Meow” is just another name for “cat”

By Jennifer Ball

Jennifer Ball Soochow University, Suzhou, China Email: How to cite this paper: Ball, J. (2019). “Meow” Is Just Another Name for “Cat”. Open Journal…