Rice-Semen Analysis of Chinese Characters

Rice-semen metaphor analysis

Compiled by Jennifer Ball © September 4, 2010

Black = rice (米 or 禾) component
Blue = essence, youth 青component
Green = seek 求 component
Red = miscellaneous
Mandarin is first pronunciation (Cantonese is in parentheses)

Rice Component
籽 seed, pip, pit, stone
zi3 (zi2)
grain (rice + descendant = grain)
jiu4 (zaau6)

2nd char:= cause + flesh = to cause flesh
= descendant (also helmet, headpiece)
roe or spawn, a fish
mi3 (mai5)
essence; semen; spirit
jing1, qing2, jing4 (zeng1 zing1)
exile; to banish
xie4 (sit3)
(in taoism) the heaven tian1
(no Cant. given)


Essence, youth component

pigsty, restroom
qing1 (cing1)
green / blue / black / green grass / not ripe / young / youth / youthful / the skin of bamboo / as in 蛋 青-the white of an egg / short for Tsinghai Province or Tsingtao
qing1, jing1 (ceng1 cing1)
feeling, sentiment, emotion qing2 (cing4)
modest, supple jing4 (zing6)
guess, conjecture, suppose; feel cai1 (caai1)
clear; distinct; complete; pure; clear, pure, clean; peaceful qing1, qing4 (ceng1 cing1 )
eyeball, pupil of eye jing1, jing3 (zing1)
the color of a mineral qiang1 (coeng1)
dragonfly qing1, jing1 (cing1) (the emperor is the dragon)
poison, venom; poisonous du2 dai4 (duk6)
(related: immoral, adulterer ai3 (oi2) —note two horizontal lines on top instead of three)
to give birth to, to bring and to rear (interchangeable ) to increase; to multiply; to propagate
fan2 (faan4)
number; several, count; fate
shu4, shu3, cu4, shuo4 (sou2 sou3)
class, group, kind, category, type; similar; like; to resemble
lei4, li4 (leoi6)
blend, mix
rou3, rou2 (jau2 nau6)
consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
liao4, liano2 (liu2 liu6)
seed; race, breed; to plant
zhong1 chong4 zhong4 (cung4 zung2)
feeble; weak of the rice plant (It only exists because someone tends it; there is the stable field to allow a weak plant to grow.)
mao2 (nau4)
admire; long for, desire;
mu4 (mou6)
flourishing, to reproduce, foreign things
fan2 (faan4) fan2,1, bo2, pi2, bo1
to hope for; to wish
ji4 (no Cant. given)
manure, dung, night soil
fen4 (fan3)
agricultural implement; farm tools, a big sacrificial vessel; a tripod of bronze with two ears; a caldron
yi4 (zik6)
excrement, dung, shit
shi3, xi1 (hei1 si2)
(same as VEA3567) to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter; to groan; to moan
yi2 (ngaai4 zi4)

Seek Component
the male organ, obscene language, vulgar expression
qiu2 (gau1)
seek; demand, request; beseech
qiú (kau4)
qiu2 ( kau4)
lu4 (luk6)
to love; intimate; near to; dear; parents; relatives, to see; to look at; to observe
leng4, li4, lin4 (no Cant. given)
pity, sympathize
lian2 (lin4)
lin3 (no Cant. given)

clear water
lin2 (leon4)
surge up, bubble up, gush forth
yuan1 (jyun1
pacify, smooth, stabilize, peaceful
mi3 (mai5 mei3 mei5
to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish
mi3 mei3 (no Cant. given)
polish; bright, radiant; smiling
can4 (caan3)
safe; peaceful; most; Thai(land); grand; great, exalted, superior; big
tai4 (taai3)
be blinded, blind as with dust
mi3, mi1 mi4, mi2(mai5 mei1 mi1)
to close (the eyes); to squint
mi1 ( mai4 mai5 mei1 mi1)
to stare at
lin2 lin4 lian2 (leon4)
phosphorus lin2 (leon4)
americum (because of the platinum?)
mi3 (mai5 )
lin4 (no Cant. given)
fish scales
lin2 (leon4)
rice gruel, congee
zhou1 yu4 zhu4 (zuk1)
(alternate form of ) sell; child, childish; nourish
yu4, zhou1, zhu3, zhu4, ju1 (juk6)
rice gruel, congee; mashed
mi2, mei2 (mei4)


not rice, but comparison tie up.
mi2 (mei4)

not rice, but comparison millet
mi2 (no Cant. given)
paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
hu2 (wu4)
viscous, mucous; glutinous
nian2, lian1, zhan1 (nim1 nim4 zim1)

a kind of grain; yellow color; not sticky, (same as ) fried puffy shredded, sugar-plums; sweetmeats
huang2, huang3 (wong4)
food (some food as glutinous rice tamale — made by wrapping the rice in broad leaves of reeds and boiled for a few hours –usually with other ingredients, as dates, meat, oyster, beams, etc.
ya2 ye4 (zit3)
粿 rice cake
guo3 (gwo2)
bad; poor quality of rice
mi4 (bei3 bui6 pui3)
coarse, harsh, rough, unpolished rice
cao1 (cou3)
rough, thick, course; rude
cu1 (cou1) (synonyms: 觕 麤 麄)
(non-classical form of ) violent; fierce; atrocious; cruel, sudden
bao4 (bok3 bou6 keoi4)
riddle, conundrum; puzzle
mi2 mei4 mi4(mai4 mai6)
lost, bewitch, charm, infatuate, bewilder; crazy about; fan; enthusiast; lost; confused
mi2 mei4 mi4 (mai4)
mi2 (mai4)
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
qi4, xi4 (hei3)
grain ration; sacrificial victim, gift
xi4, (hei3)
lu2 (with umlaut)
(non-classical form of ) anger; passion; rage, to sigh; to groan
xi4 (haai4 hei3 )
anger, wrath, hatred, enmity
kai4 (koi3)
wrath, anger
han2 (haam4)
a sound; an echo
(Cant. only: hei1)
faint sound, whisper
xi1 (sik1)
to sound, a sound, the cry of a bird or animal
zuo4 (zok3)
roar, howl, scream; whistle
xiao4, chi4 (no Cant. given)
have a nightmare, sound sleep
mi3 (maai5)
vexed, worried, nervous; regret
far, deep
mi2 (mei4)
mi2 shen1 (no Cant. given)
ju2 (guk1)
small plot of land
ju2 (guk1)
prudent, cautious
ju2 (guk1)
(Cant.) to suffocate
ju2 (guk1)

open; throw away
mi3 (no Cant. given)
to pare; to pare away; to scrape; to sharpen to a point; to shave; to brush away
lin2 (leon4)
(an ancient form of 曝) to sun to air; to expose to sunlight, to expose or be exposed; exposure, a tree with scatter or dispersed leaves
pu4 (buk6)
thin, small cut
su4 (suk1)
an incised wound; cuts
chi4, chong4 (no Cant. given)
a general term for nets
mi2 (nei4)
the clustered embroidery patterns (as tiny and fine rice)
mi2, mi3 (mai5)
(simplified form of ) thread; detailed, precise
lü3 (leoi5)
bamboo basket for washing rice, implements used to move the silkworm
(simplified form of 慺 ) diligent; industrious; sedulous, to encourage; to make efforts
lou2 (lau4)
humpback; surname
lü3, lou2 (lau4)
jealous; to envy; jealously
ao4 bie2 (ou3)
yu4 (zuk1)
gizzard, to store up meat, the five lowest pieces of bone of the spinal column
ao2, ao4, bi4 (ou3)
mi2 (mei4)

neighbor; neighborhood
lin2, lin4 (leon4)

(ancient form of ) to abstain from meat, wine, etc., to fast; penance
(Cant. only: zaai1)
tomb, grave
fan2( faan4)

to draw a bow, bent
wei3 (waai2)

a leather ball for kicking
ju2 (no Cant. given)

ball, anything round, sphere
qiu2 (kau4)
ball, sphere, globe; round
qiu2 (kau4)

bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
jū jú qū qiōng (guk1)
to grasp or hold with both hands
jú jū (guk1)
jú jū(guk1 guk6)