Seal-Ovum-“gp”-Shaped Analysis

ovum – luan3 (leon2 leon5 lo5)

hatch, sit on eggs –  fu1 (fu1)

eggshells – kai4 ke2 (dik1 hok3)

fertile eggs; (Cant.) rotten, muddled – dyun6 wo5 (duan4)

pretty; charming girl – mao2 (mau5)

chat – liao3

willow tree; pleasure, fallen woman – liu3 (lau5)

(old) minister; (old) term of endearment between spouses; thou (poet.) noble, high officer – qing1 (hing 1)

 to feel or touch with hands; to hold, to lay the hand on, to cover – jiu4 liu3 yu2 (lau5)

 yellow dirt mount – mao3 (no Cant.)

 one of the 28 constellations, the Pleiades – mao3 (maau5)

 rivet – liu3 mao3 (maau5)
(compare 錨 mao2 anchor; “rivet” and “anchor” have the same rela-tionship as do the synonyms for “pretty girl”: 媌, 㚹—all of them some form of “mao.”And 㑤 “(same as 媌) good looking, a prostitute).”

 species of grass, water mallows – mao3 mao2 (maau5)

泖 still waters; river in Jiangsu – mao3 mao2 liu3 (maau5)

 movement of a horse, a horse with enormous speed and stay-ing power, a horse with white abdominal region – ang2 (ngong4)

 lofty; high; raise; high-priced – ang2 yang3 (joeng5 ngong4)

 a seal / a stamp / a chop / to print / to stamp / to imprint / an imprint / a mark / a Chinese family name – yin4

 child’s hairstyle bound in two tufts; ore – guan4 (gwaan3) (girl pre-fertile)

 to join or connect the vine – jiu1 (no Cant.)

 to ally; to unite; to join – lian2 (lyun4)

 mountain pass; to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve – guan1 (gwaan1)

 with big eyes – (Cant. only: goi1 hai4)

 plants – hui3 hui4 (no Cant.)

 gather together, collect; harvest – shou1 (sau1)

 young dragon – qiu2 (kau4)(mau6)