I have taught 453 Chinese college students at Soochow University in Suzhou, China. I have lived in China for a total of two years. The following are videos I made for my students; ones they made for me; plus a tour of Lin Biao's bunker at Nan Yuan Bin Guan—Chiang Kai Shek's old home (he isn't there anymore)—where I lived for 1.5 years; and also a recording of Zhao Chun, a famous Chinese artist, making me a calligraphy of  my quote: "Chinese writing is the key to all written languages."

Videos I made of my students

Videos my students made for me

Interesting videos of China and of me (Jennifer Ball) singing in Chinese in the US

Sporky the Pig

We owned Sporky from 1989 to 1993. He lived in our kitchen for two years, and then outside. Being a "kitchen farmer" taught me a lot about owning an animal that does not want to be owned. Because “pig under a roof” means “home” in Chinese—家—I feel I was Chinese before I even knew it...

Jennifer's stint on Body Language, a game show based upon charades, where I won $9,000.