Breasts, Vaginas, and Tools: Musings on the roots of our alphabet

If you want to describe something to someone, but neither of you speak the same language, drawing a picture is the simplest way to…

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Eyes come as a pair, even when you’re only talking about one

My Business Card in Chinese and English  

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Why does “uncle” in Hebrew look like “TIT”?

Why does דוד mean “uncle, beloved” in Hebrew? Is this an amazing coincidence to TIT or are humans simple? I’m going with simple. The…

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Symbols for mountains often represent breasts and symbols for breasts often look like mountains.

In Chinese, English, Egyptian, and Hebrew, A Similar Symbol Represents “Tits”

太太 = Mrs. tàitài tai4 tai4 Think about a “Mrs.” at a time of no birth control. These two “tais” represent breasts. “Tài tài”…

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