The Role of the “Youth/Essence” 青/靑 Character in Chinese Writing

byJennifer Ball and Xu ChaoUsing a Hanzi substructure-search engine designed by Xu Chao and Jennifer BallNov. 11, 2018 Thanks to Chinese Text Project, Wiktionary,…

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Sumerian symbols for animals depict their genitals

The complementary relationship between female and male animal signs in cuneiform suggests that these signs are not arbitrary. The authors of Archaic Bookkeeping did…

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A spoon of rice bears resemblance to “semen”, a relationship that can be seen in the Chinese character for each word.

Rice-Semen Analysis of Chinese Characters

Rice-semen metaphor analysis Compiled by Jennifer Ball © September 4, 2010 Black = rice (米 or 禾) component Blue = essence, youth 青component Green…

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Cantonese characters for penis and vagina

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Interesting Chinese Characters #6: To Shoot; To Spurt

㢩 to shoot; to spurt, (same as 的) target for archery di4 ( Cantonese: dik1 dim3 tiu4) 的 = of, “de” in Chinese and…

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The Chinese character for ‘please’ combines the characters for ‘flesh’ and ‘explosion,’ another way to say ‘ejaculate.’ The character for rice includes the character for semen. In the image, semen is suggested by a spoonful of rice pudding.

The roots of “Please 请” are kind of messy

请 Please qing3 = please   The right-hand phonetic 青 is also in the word for“semen”: 精 jing1. This makes sense: the bottom is the moon stand-in…

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The Sumerian character for ‘seed,’ may suggest the act of sex between a man and woman.

“Seed” in Sumerian

Based on this character for “seed,” do you think the Sumerians understood sex?     Note that the Akkadian word for “seed” is “zeru,”…

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Breasts vs. Testes: which primate has the largest? Jared Diamond knows

“Asymmetric adultery laws…genital mutilation of women: these behaviors are unique to the human species, defining humanity as does the invention of the alphabet.” —…

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