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Hair as a Medium for Communication

One’s hairstyle projects one’s status. Female hair telegraphs availability. Certain styles indicate “not yet: this wearer is too young to bear children.” Early communication was often about a female’s ability to carry offspring.

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Words Beginning With “GL”

The sound “GL” has “reflection” at its root because “glacier” and “glaze” show characteristics of ice, which glows when light hits it. Icing or…

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Actress Zoe Saldana as Neytiri from the 2009 film Avatar is enhanced by CGI to create a cow-like appearance resembling the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Men’s taste in women hasn’t changed much

  05/18/2012 / Jennifer Ball / No Comments Avatar, 2010, is seen to the left. Hathor, the cow-woman goddess, circa 500 B.C., is seen…

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Music, the ultimate narcotic, lulls one to sleep (along with milk)

05/27/2011 / Jennifer Ball / No Comments Musician “Nar” is the Sumerian word for “musician” 643 times, yet this character looks like a female…

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