Words Beginning With “GL”

The sound “GL” has “reflection” at its root because “glacier” and “glaze” show characteristics of ice, which glows when light hits it. Icing or frosting is what covers our desserts because shiny things get our attention. The sound “gl” is about gleaming light that we only glance at because the brightness hurts our eyes.

A gladiator’s sword is bright in the sun. To gloat is to brag about one’s conquests. A gloomy day is when the sun is obscured. The baby is glum; she is unhappy. The cat is glaring, which isn’t happy either.
A glider doesn’t have a motor, so it glides through the air. It looks very bright in the sky. These are all re ections of light or mood.

Many words that begin with “gl” are happy and bright.

What other words start with “gl”?