#ChangeLanguageChangeMinds #BlackIsBeautiful #DarkIsDarling #BlackIsNOTBad #DarkIsNOTBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad #NoMoreDarkIsBad

The use of darkness as a synonym for “bad” is a microaggression that results in macro-oppression. The constant devaluing of darkness pings upon the subconscious, impugning darkness as flawed even though the visual spectrum does not confer morality. #ChangeLanguageChangeMinds




If you want to respect people of color, don’t disrespect their color:
Instead of… Use these…
Blacklist Ostracize
Black-and-blue Bruised
Black and white Obvious
Black mark Tainted
The pot calling the kettle black Hypocritical
Little black book Book of people I have had or hope to have sex with

Using “black” or “dark” as “bad” — though logical because we used to be afraid of the dark — is no longer a reasonable metaphor because it is having a pejorative effect on dark-skinned people. We are no longer cave people. We have electricity. Time to evolve.




The use of “dark” as a cliché perpetuates bias. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali all knew this.

Martin Luther King: https://newsone.com/2843703/dr-martin-l-king-jr-im-black-and-im-beautiful-video/

Malcolm X: https://youtu.be/51USLgPWhgc

Muhammad Ali: http://youtu.be/qxB9M2u8T9Y

#BlackIsBeautiful #DarkIsBeautiful #BlackIsNOTBad #DarkIsNOTBad #NoMoreDarkIsBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad #WordsMatter #BlackLivesMatter

If you want to stop being racist…Don’t use “black” or “dark” as “bad”:
Instead of… Use these…
Blackmail Extortion
Black market Illegal commerce
Black sheep Renegade
The Dark Ages 6th to 10th centuries
The Dark Side Don’t use clichés
Throw some shade Dis or disrespect

Because this is all about respect.
If you respect people of color, you won’t disrespect their color.